Message No. 6 – for almost 60 days


The no. 6 had become a common however painful number during our time under lockdown

6 March we found out that things were becoming difficult and a probable lockdown was eminent during the next days

6 was the number we had to send as an SMS in order to be allowed to go out for a walk or run

6 o’clock in the afternoon was the time that we got our official report by the government spokesperson for COVID and the …………..

Almost 6 0 days was our lockdown period


interesting Races throughout Greece leading up to the Classical Marathon


For the months of July to October 2018 there are many very interesting races / events throughout Greece which are worth participating and we thought to mention some of the more “eye-catching ones”! 

Ancient Greece, race illustration

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running mayhem in Athens last Saturday June 23rd


Last Saturday June 23rd we had the SNF RUN in view of the Summer Nostos Festival Events held at the Foundation and this particular “race to the future” has been held on the same day – 23rd of June – since the inaugaration of the Cultural Center 4 years ago.

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the route of truce 2018 a bridge over 1623 year old!!

On Sunday 25th April 2018 I had the privilege of running the “ROUTE OF TRUCE”  which was a 50km (specifically 49.9km!) trail from Ancient Ilis to Ancient Olympia, sponsored by the FEDERATION OF OLYMPIA, NATO, OPAP, LEGEA, AUTOUNIT POULAKIS, THE HELLENIC ARMY………….. and the list goes on. Continue reading

Lycabettus Run – 11kms relay


Last Sunday 25th February we ran our first relay doing the 11km Lycabettus Run – 5,5kms each.


A lovely race with its many uphills however as each loop was 2,75kms it somehow did not feel so difficult.  Everyone says that The Run the Lake race has the most steep uphills but I don’t think that they have done the Lycabettus!!  Not as scenic however it has its own story to tell as a race!

Thankfully the participants were only 1100 as if we were more, I don’t think that the event organizers could manage much more. Continue reading