Lycabettus Run – 11kms relay


Last Sunday 25th February we ran our first relay doing the 11km Lycabettus Run – 5,5kms each.


A lovely race with its many uphills however as each loop was 2,75kms it somehow did not feel so difficult.  Everyone says that The Run the Lake race has the most steep uphills but I don’t think that they have done the Lycabettus!!  Not as scenic however it has its own story to tell as a race!

Thankfully the participants were only 1100 as if we were more, I don’t think that the event organizers could manage much more. Continue reading




Over one milion Greeks rallied in the streets of Athens to protest against the government’s proposal over the name Macedonia.  This dispute has lasted decades, governments have changed however still not resolved. Continue reading

Christos Mitsikas – marathon runner, bronze medalist and painter


This weekend’s long run was very exciting as we were at “that point” again……. the point of 30kms!!  It shouldn’t be so challenging as it is only 2 kms more than last Saturday however it is the idea of having to complete a long run that has a 3 in front!!! Continue reading

Agistri swimming and running 2017


This weekend is the Agistri Running and Swimming Race 2017 and one of our favorite races on this beautiful tiny green island with its crystal clear waters and golden sands.


What more can one ask for!  An ideal weekend of running and relaxing, just one hour from the Port of Piraeus!

The event is always perfectly organized and well attended because of this.

The people of Agistri are hospitable, making the whole experience magical.

I couldn’t help but post some great pics from our experience last year.



So sorry we couldn’t make it this year ……….. but make a promise for the next one in 2018.

Star’s rendevous with Poseidon

The Poseidon Athens Half Marathon is one of our favorite races – even though it is a little longer than a normal half marathon, the route is breathtaking as it goes along the Athens South Riviera coastline.

WEARING Elena: tight ascics, shirt nike, shoes saucony, , shoes saucony triumph iso2  watch garmin forerunner 15, socks mizuno,  sun glasses uvex, running belt fitletic                     Joanna : tight nike, top h&m, shoes sacucony, watch garmin vivofit,                     running belt fitletic Continue reading