never without my daughter

Happiness   is…………

getting a big HUG from your daughter after your race!


snapshots from Athens Half Marathon 2016

WEARING Dani : tight zara basic, shoes adidas  / Elena :tight body action, shoes saucony triumph iso, watch garmin forerunner 15, isotonic powerade



 snapshots from Run Me to the Moon

WEARING Dani : top nike, shorts zara, shoes adidas / Elena : top adidas, shorts H&M,  shoes saucony, watch garmin forerunner 15


 snapshots from Adidas Open Run @ Piraeus

WEARING Dani : top and  shorts zara  / Elena : top H&M, shorts adidas 


snapshots from Ladies Run

WEARING Dani : top and  shorts zara/ Elena : top and shorts adidas, sunglasses rayban aviator 



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