my first Marathon – part II



WEARING Joanna: tight salomon

As I mentioned in the first part, it is very important to have a good  coach that understands and gives you a program that suits your capabilities.  It is also equally important to have your family’s support, as your training period is not short and it takes a lot of your time and energy.

In the beginning, it is all exciting – you see your long run kilometers increasing ……..past 20 – 22 – 25 – 30.  You are so happy with yourself for what you have achieved so far.

WEARING Joanna: tight asics, top saucony

After the 32km line, you are a good three months into your training and 4-5 weeks from your marathon day and your body is starting to feel tired and wanting to rest but your mind tells it that it can’t stop now!!!  On these difficult days, somehow my children would understand, be less demanding and more self-sufficient and my husband would either run with me or be at the track/field encouraging me on every lap.  I won’t forget him driving me 1000+ kms  for the weekend so I could run a race that was good for my training, or the fact that he ran the last 8 kms with me on the day of my marathon after he had done his long run!!

It was wonderful feeling all this …. in a way even though you are running on your own, your training becomes a family issue so  I am very grateful for their patience!!!


WEARING Joanna: top and tight adidas ,shorts nike, shoes adidas, watch garmin vivofit 2

WEARING Joanna: tight salomon, shoes saucony, watch garmin vivofit 2

WEARING Joanna: tight nike


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