one week training plan


We are in an in between stage and our weekly programs are mainly ones to maintain our stamina. Pre-marathon training to begin mid to 20th July!!!!!
A normal week with 4-5 training days …..


Day one – 8 kms running at our own pace (this is done as a post weekend longrun therapy)

Day two – 11 kms, 2kms as warm up at 6:30 pace, next 2kms at 6:00, next 2kms at 5:45, next 2kms at 5:30, next 2kms at 5:20, at last 1kms cool down. 

Day three – 3 kms at own pace then 8 x 100 mtr spreads – starting slow in the beginning and building up, then 5 min jog at a slow pace to build up and end with 4kms at 5:30 pace
Day four – Long Run 16 kms at 6:30 pace AT 6:30 PACE

The idea is to get the kms done and not so much to go fast due to the heat !


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