choosing the correct Sports Bra

For us women, it is very important to find the correct sports bra for our running – there are three different levels of support depending with the type of activity you’re doing – these are: low, medium and high support for use in low-, medium- and high-impact sports

Band: The majority of bra support comes from the band so this should be snug and preferably wide-banded.
Shoulder straps: even though this is not the main support feature, it helps if it is adjustable so as not to press into your sholders.


Back closure: even though many have a pull-over-the-head feature, a back clip helps to avoid a struggle after a tiring workout!!!



Underwire: Not one that we are particularly fond of (as it could poke and pinch your ribcage) especially when a lot of kilometers need to be conquered……..but it does help minimize movement!!

Wicking fabrics: move moisture away from your skin and keep you comfortable. The more supportive a sports bra is, the less effective it will be at wicking away moisture because of its sturdier fabric and construction.

Finally, test drive it !!!!!!!!
After the right size has been found, testing the bra’s support by jumping or running in place,  is important.


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