being strong is being fearless

In a Runner’s World, one thing is given and essentialeach workout needs to be seamless and each effort continual.”

Run2Stars, our first write up for My Trending Stories and we are very fortunate in having the below article written by a professional Greek ultra marathon runner – Zinia Sanoudou.

Wise words from an expert!

For the “believers” therefore, abstinence from action for a small period of time, following an injury, can bring about pessimism and melancholy!

This type of “tripping” is apt to throw us in shock where getting up requires over-exertion.

The sense of ‘ starting from scratch ‘ causes terror within due to memories of the recent past with our “then” performances in matches and training sessions.

The worst thing is feeling “I can’t anymore” and the constant threat of “I have to quit” that one feels when they resume running.

So, here, what is surely needed is perseverance to carefully handle this moment of weakness! ……….without exaggeration, without big words, just one small step at a time, beginning the new journey towards rehabilitation and full action.

falling down

It is important to not feel distressed and incompetent – what is necessary is to find the inner strength, persistence and technique to take the final sprint to the finish!  

Each day, you need to do a little more,  get a little farther –  Speed is not important, just the ability to be in action, to meet up again with your friends and fellow runners at the starting line, and get their hugs and smiles that make you feel so happy!

Fortunately, most problems and injuries are casual – as our spirit remains strong and vibrant, the road is out there and waiting for us.

I would say that all runners at some point are meant to feel this. How quickly and painlessly they will return depends on the power of our mind!

We must activate all our weapons:  our will, our mind, the help of experts and the encouragement of our friends and the family as the course we need to take is only one ……. onwards and upwards.

This course may take time, let’s not bend and let’s not find an excuse to stop.  Kidding ourselves with a substitute to running is not a solution………. as we cannot call ourselves runners!

Once a runner, always a runner !


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