ideal option: run in the rain!


While most people prefer running under ideal weather conditions (sunny skies, cool breezes and ideal temps) there are many benefits in choosing to run in the rain!!

1. You won’t suffer from heat exhaustion – the cooler air temps and wet skin keep you cool

2. You can put in a more intense workout – it is mostly true that if you start your workout under less ideal conditions it could turn out to be one of your best runs!! Of course there are counter-arguments that say if you don’t feel like running one particular day it is best to let go and do something else .. Run the next day!!

Both versions are true however we believe that suffering through runs in the rain will toughen you up mentally and prepares you for probable difficult race conditions!!

You exercise more muscles as the rain creates a more difficult running surface hence extra strength is required to keep you balanced – all this in sync with watching where you step!!!

To recap the above, even though conditions are not ideal, the potential for intense workouts, reduced likelihood of heat exhaustion, the development of additional leg muscles and ….enhanced mental state makes running in the rain an excellent training option.

Don’t forget:  Mental stamina distinguishes people who are good from those at the top – at the end of the day no matter what the sport is, a huge part of it is MENTAL!!!



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