15 September – Democracy Day


Even though we are an amateur runners blog, today’s anniversary cannot be left untold, especially with all that is happening around us!.

Democracy is a greek word “DEMOCRATIA” to mean “vote by the people”.

It is believed that Democracy originated from Ancient Athens about 508 B.C


However, Democracy today is challenged by new Political Movements, shift in Countries with Power, changes in society, etc.

Due to these contradictions, there is a need for more democracy leading to a fairer world.  Political leaders should reach out to their citizens and better understand the connection between the mutually, internationally-agreed goals and the actual demands and capabilities of their people.  An ideal situation/world would be one with more inclusive decision -making by the masses!!

Am I dreaming?  This is not something that can happen within the next decade so will our youth be able to play a key role in the future of democracy and mend our ways?

Well we will be pessimistic and gloomy and say …………..

we cannot expect miracles!!



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