running weekend!

This weekend officially opens our new running season after our short summer break from races!!


Saturday:  participating in the Acropolis Night Run – 5 kms around one of the most captivating monuments of Western Civilization.

Feel proud to be taking part in this event as a  symbolism of the “2445 years victory of light against darkness” !!!!

Sunday:  well this is a different story altogether –  no fun and games as I think the name says it all :  “Poseidon Challenge Half Marathon 2016”.


This is a first time race at the foot of the Ancient Temple of Poseidon in Sounio.

21.1 kms of running at the foot of the home of the “God of the Seas” to the Port of Lavrion.  For those doing the Athens Classical Marathon we definitely propose you participate in this race as it is considered a great practice to test the grounds and bring out the months of preparation leading up to the Classical!

Looking forward to a weekend of races under two mesmerizing monuments with  significant historical importance!!


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