4 days and counting……..


It just seems unbelievable………. just 4 more days and then ………. we will cross the finish line of the Athens Marathon The Authentic, excited and tired (in that order hopefully!).  We will run our marathon, go straight for pizzas and talk about our next race over the fourth slice?


Hope so.  Hope for our next marathon we have the same company as we had for this one.  We are so lucky and so thankful for the great support and great fun making the last four months go by so fast and pleasant.  Yes fast and pleasant are a good choice of words, as we definitely cannot say “easy” – anything but, actually.

Especially the last one and a half months have been “demanding”.  Our families are starting to feel “enough……….. get over and done with this so things can go back to normal”.  What they don’t, and can’t understand, is that it has been anything but difficult.  For them, our training is blaimed for everything…… our headaches, our slight cold, their lost sock !!!

Our strict regime has become part of our daily program.  We are finding ourselves using a program to do almost anything as we are so used to living with our training one!!

What will happen on Monday when all this is over!!!!

Probably the same as with our last marathon:  the first two week will feel empty, then things get back to normal ………till after Christmas when we have to think about our next race!!!!



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