running in snow vs rain

Running in winter can be a challenge and who can say is easier, running in snow or rain?

Woman running in winter

Last Monday night it was snowing…. Yesterday, Monday it was raining hard ………. Even though both can be tough, we prefer snow any day as it rarely snows in Athens so it makes a fun difference to the monotony of rain, and/or the cold!!


Of course there is another important factor when choosing snow and that is the temperature.  We imagine that it is entirely different running in -25 degrees and running in -2 max, which is a normal VERY LOW TEMP for Athens!!!!.  The road is not full of snow, there is no avoiding the snow banks on the side of the road and having to run on the road which is dangerous.  You just experience the smooth touch of the small snowflakes on your face and body….after a good stretch and a hot bath you feel extremely fulfilled and grateful for the regenerating experience!!

As important as it is to get properly dry and go into a hot bath immediate after running in extreme conditions, it is equally important to look after your shoes.   When they get wet, put newspaper in them, as soon as you take them off, so that the paper will soak up all the moisture and help your shoes maintain their structure.


Don’t also forget that cold shoes are stiff so they can cause more localized pressure on the soles of your feet so it is also important to not keep your shoes outdoors in the cold!!!


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