marathon frenzy


After our successful marathon in the Athens Classical last November 2016, it is natural that we are pondering on our next one.  Of course we are still living the thrill of our recent marathon and since then our training has become somewhat boring, and we long to relive the excitement!!

After asking our coaches, we have gotten their consent on doing two a year – and we are saying this because we definitely want to run the Classical again this November!!We will run our next one in the Spring, leaving us another 6+ months to relax and train for the Classical.

This is the first hurdle …….. getting our coaches’ agreement.  The next hurdle is deciding which one is “as good as” the Classical, or at least somewhat as enjoyable.  Many destinations have been penciled in until final decision is made, even though the serious training has begun!

Which is easier, training in the winter months for a spring marathon or in the summer heat for an autumn one?  Now after some time, we personally vote training in the summer is easier!!   However, since we are hooked onto doing this, we tend not to notice the “hardship” even though our long-runs are still in the 20+km stage at the moment!!

Important fact to consider:  as little stress on our bodies as possible.  


Our training programs have been adapted to cause as little stress “as possible” and have been done by putting in 4-5 quality training sessions per week instead of 5-6.  You won’t believe what a difference one less day does to you, your legs – there is more time for our one massage session per week too!

In the end your body will tell you how many marathons it can run……all you have to do is listen!!!


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