unforeseen …… yet”in the program”

There is an old Greek proverb that says a second may bring upon more “trouble” than that of a whole year (or something to that effect)!!

Last Thursday, while running, and just when I was admiring the beautiful sunset and thinking how lucky I was to be living in such a blessed part of Athens;  by the sea, fresh air, “wide pavements” – it just took a milisecond for me to land head first into a gutter off one of those “wide pavements”!!!

Don’t know what happened but it did – resulting in stitches just below my eyelid and a damaged right knee – I don’t know what would have been better to put my hands to protect my face and who knows if I would have broken it or have the stitches and the swollen knee.

Just 6 weeks away from my marathon – just at the making ….. or breaking point of 30 kms and leading up to my 32 kms.    S@@t happened.

Started my physios,  and while waiting for one of my sessions I saw this beautiful yet melancholic picture which I wanted to share.



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