easter weekend and running

Why-Did-The-Easter-Agg-Hide-Cuz-He-Was-A-Little-Chicken-Happy-Easter (1)

Easter at long last – this is a perfect time for a l-o-n-g weekend break.  We are all so tired from the long winter months behind us, with the tiring rains, snow, and not forgetting cold.

This, in combination with our marathon training has drained us a little to say the least.  Our bedside tables consist of empty bottles with vitamins, iron and magnesium tablets!!  No more till early August when our marathon cycle starts again!!

Even though we are on a break it doesn’t mean that our training stops……. There are a few pretty good races we participate in every year and one of these is the Poseidon Half Marathon next weekend!!!

Okay, so we will make time in preparation of our Easter family festivities however this free time is also perfect to jumpstart the l-o-n-g weekend with a few mid-morning spring runs as there is no need to wake up early!!

A good idea is to choose an assortment of courses ranging from flat local roads to easy rolling hills for those of you who will be leaving the city for the countryside. This is also a perfect time for families to run together too …… who knows you might meet the Easter Bunny at the finish line!!!!


Happy Easter everyone!!


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