Christos Mitsikas – marathon runner, bronze medalist and painter


This weekend’s long run was very exciting as we were at “that point” again……. the point of 30kms!!  It shouldn’t be so challenging as it is only 2 kms more than last Saturday however it is the idea of having to complete a long run that has a 3 in front!!!

This means that we are almost at the highest point of our marathon training ………….. that of 32 kms!!!

Once we have done our 32 then we will decreasing our long runs leading to the final day……….The Athens Classical …………… November 12th!!!!

Each time the same feeling ……… so want to run another marathon…………. even though we know that this One is one of the more demanding but stimulating.

You are probably wondering how the title matches our prologue……………..

In order to try and find routes that are slightly similar to the actual marathon course we decided to run from Ag. Kosmas to Barkiza and back so as to conquer some uphills!!!  Just before Lake Vouliagmeni and for about 1-2 kms we noticed a man (who seemed to be in his late 60’s) run beside us and keeping our pace at all time…. no sweat…….. actually he was pushing us on without realizing it.  After some meters we picked a conversation with him and he introduced himself to us – He is Mr. Christos Mitsikas, marathon runner, bronze medalist in the 1973 Athens Classical -finishing time 2:35:25 !!!   He still loves to run and he also loves to paint in his spare time.


Enter a caption

It was so interesting talking to him, so amazed at his strong pace ………. really gave you the extra psychological push to climb up the Vouliagmeni- Varkiza coastline without caring too much about their incline.


It was great meeting you Mr. Mitsikas and really hope our paths meet again!!


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