out with the old … in with the new

As always, its that time of the year again where one looks back and recalls all those special (and not so) moments.

For us 2017 has been very kind, offering many happy and special moments.

One first place in June ….

18767496_1249395778502811_1506701222011222987_n    WEARING  Joanna 

 tight nike, jacket salomon, shoes asics, watch garmin vivofit, socks GSA sport                                                                


WEARING  Joanna 

 tight and top body talk shoes saucony, watch garmin vivofit,  socks GSA sport                                                                

and two second places in December.  Not bad!!

WEARING  Joanna 

 tight and  jacket salomon, shoes asics, watch garmin vivofit,  socks GSA sport                                                                


 tight and  jacket ascics, shoes saucony, watch garmin forerunner 15, socks GSA sport                                                                

Furthermore, we have had many, many personal bests, including those in the Athens Classical Marathon, the Poseidon Half Marathon, the Alexander the Great marathon, the Ladies Run and the recent Lake Run!

Overall, we have run two marathons, one in April in Thessaloniki Alexander the Great



 sorts mizuno, shirt adidas, shoes saucony, watch garmin forerunner 15, socks GSA sport 

and the second being the Athens Classical.

Besides that, we have also done one to two 5 / 10k races a month except for the three weeks leading up to each of the marathons, and mostly improving our times.

Thinking about it, it has been a very demanding year with difficult training programs during the cold winter months of January to March with lots of snow and rain!!!!  Then, not forgetting the four more difficult months of training from August to November, during high temperatures and our holiday period – trying to be “there” with our families and completing our 20 plus kilometer long runs!!!!

Onwards, as always, with our best smile, our laces tied and the wind in our hair, looking forward to new adventures in 2018!!  The only thing for sure is that we always try our best!!!!!



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