Is it okay to run with a cold!


This is one of the most common queries for this period – is it okay to run with a cold.  Especially after the Holidays where we have gone out more and dressed less!!


Runners seems to live by a strict creed that nothing can keep them off the streets, neither rain, nor snow, nor fever, and definitely not a sniffle here and there!!

Indeed, the winter months are more difficult and often impose issues to the running programs in hand.  Often when symptoms are not severe one prefers to keep up to his program thinking that the exercise will give a much needed physical (and mental boost) when feeling run down however there are occasions that it is better to stay at home then go out for a run.  Even though there is no wrong or right, there is a general rule known as the “neck rule” to help you decide :  Symptoms above the neck (runny nose, stuffiness, sneezing) don’t pose a risk to runners and it is a good idea to continue their workouts however on the other hand, with symptoms below the neck, coughing, heavy chest, etc it is better to stay at home, and they require a time off the streets!!


We believe that your body is the decider and one should hear it and take the necessary measures / breaks.


Drink a lot of water and “starve a fever but feed a cold!!!”


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