interesting Races throughout Greece leading up to the Classical Marathon


For the months of July to October 2018 there are many very interesting races / events throughout Greece which are worth participating and we thought to mention some of the more “eye-catching ones”! 

Ancient Greece, race illustration

Saturday 21st July 2018 – “Evrytaneios Dromos 2018” – this is a 19.5km race (and 2km for kids and hikers) where runners will have the opportunity to run through firs and the endless green of the mountains of Evrytania. This is a magical mountain trail race combining history and countless beauties of one of the most magical mountain trail races.


Sunday 27th August 2018 – “Chios Half Marathon 2018”  – including 10.5kms, 5kms and 1,500m for children whereby runners will have the opportunity to discover a diverse and fragrant island. Medieval mastic villages, beautiful beaches, old mansions with stone pebbled courtyards on the fifth largest island in the Aegean Sea.



Saturday 1st September 2018 – “Syros City Trail” – including 10kms, 4kms and Kid’s 1 km race – taking place on an island with beautiful beaches and villages such as Dellagrazia with many neoclassical mansions and colourful orchards.



Saturday 22nd September 2018 – “Serifos Sunset Race” – including 20 – 10 -5 km races plus 2 Fun races for children.  

Serifos is island of the Western Cyclades and this race is organized in a very good period as the island will not be crowded thus giving the chance to visitors to live like locals in a place that has kept its traditional character and virgin landscape.

73f4cf2f803b74516348215199ea5290_XL (1)

On the same weekend, specifically on Sunday 23rd September is the Ioannina Lake Run – a 30km race around the Ioannina Lake with other races to include 10 and 5kms.  This is the 12th year and this race is well known for its environmentally friendly character.image001

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th October 2018 – The Santorini Experience”  – 15 – 10 and 5 km races on the majestic island of Santorini. Running lovers will have the opportunity to see and enjoy first-hand the unique paths running along in the world-wide famous island of Santorini. Breathtaking views in an island made from a volcano in the Aegean sea, whereby the participants will run along its unique land.


On the same weekend is the “Spetses Mini Marathon” incuding 25 – 10 and 5 km races on this lovely isalnd at the south end of the Argo Saronic Gulf near Hydra, Aegina and Poros.


Friday 12th to Sunday 14th October 2018 – Navarino Challenge including half Marathon, 10 and 5kms.  This is a “challenging” event in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese, offering the opportunity to runners to enjoy a magnificent route in a charismatic place that is bounded on the east by Mount Taygetus and on the north by the river Neda and the Arcadian Mountains, satisfying all tastes and wishes.αρχείο λήψης (2)

Saturday 13th October 2018 – “Thessaloniki International Half Marathon 2018” being a night run along the coastline of Thessaloniki whereby allowing runners to enjoy a beautiful and flat route within the city center of the second largest city in Greece and the capital of the region of Central Macedonia.  For those that wish for a more relaxing route there is also a 5km street running race.




athenes marathon

“The Authentic” is one of the most significant sport, cultural and social events hosted in the city of Athens over the last years. The top event of our country and award holders of many top annual awards “Events Awards 2018”, more specifically:

1. Platinum Award in Thematical Events

2. Gold Award as Sport Event

3. Gold Award in Event Management

4. Silver Award in Environmental Management.

The Athens Marathon, an event with 121 years of history, has managed to increase participation from 4,000 runners in 2005 to more than 50,000 in 2017, with expectations that this number will increase in 2018!!!

We must all be there to enjoy one of the most exciting Marathons


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