Message No. 6 – for almost 60 days

Even though Greece has often been praised as being a prime example of following a disciplinary lockdown due to the relatively low number of persons been positively confirmed   with having COVID-19,  I still remember our agony of running in front of the TV every afternoon waiting to hear the official government report  –  since then I choose NOT to be home at “6” and if I need be NOT opening the TV!!!!!

We were one of the blessed Europeans in being allowed to exercise.  The process was to send an SMS with the no. 6 and all our personal details to a designated number and off we go, for hours … and kms on end.  Also, many exercise regimes could be followed live which truly helped A LOT!!!!

Not only bad things have come out of our POST – COVID ERA (I may be a little bold and rushed in saying POST but I like to think positive that our lives will take their usual path prior to our lockdown days), we have become more humane, more sensitive to our fellow nationals, not just neighbors.

Furthermore, because of our love for running and our inner need to be stimulated/motivated and to better our times, we have been fortunate in participating in a virtual race which helped us to temporary forget our nightmare.

I think that one of the hardest things that we, as Elena and Joanna, had to endure was meeting up half way between our homes (running of course) after 60 days of not seeing each other,  and not being able to hug or kiss, something that we have carried on doing with all our loved ones till date.

We hope that you, your families and friends are all well and staying safe.

Onwards to better days and more fun, running tales.  


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