my first Marathon – part I


I knew right away once I had done my first half marathon that I was ready to do a marathon too!  Before that, running was just for my personal fun as I live by the beach and the beauty of running on the coastline always captivated me.

I had read many articles on other first time “offenders” and knew that I had to do it the  right way ….. that is with a personal trainer.  My choice of a coach could not have been a better one than Touma Bayoumi – amazing athlete and the best coach ever!!  I used to see him run and admired his running stride and when I met and spoke to him I saw what a wonderful person he was too.  He just makes things so easy and possible – he makes you believe and want to better yourself.

My training took four months – Touma and I decided that I would do my marathon in spring (in March specifically) so as not to suffer too much with training in the hot summer months.


with my coach Touma Bayoumi

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preparation the night before a long run

Now that it is getting hotter, long runs normally begin very early in the morning so we always prefer preparing our backpack the night before to save time in the morning!!  We always add the same items so we do it mechanically – hat, gels, minerals and vitamins (our favorite brand is Active Mineral light from the x-treme stores) and a protein bar for afterwards. A banana and an extra bottle of water is not a bad idea either.IMG_7324

energy gel nutrend –enduro, isotonic nutrend, vitamin D3 power health, multivitamin osrovit, protein pack quambrax

granola bars

Granola Bars are a popular snack, rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers but can contain a lot of traps as not all bars are healthy!!!! This is why I would love to share our easy/light and no-bake Granola Bar with just 5 ingredients!!! PEANUT BUTTER, OATS HONEY, GROUND ALMONDS and DATES Mix all together – line on greaseproof paper and cut. Enjoy!!


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