low-calorie frozen yoghurt

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preparation the night before a long run

Now that it is getting hotter, long runs normally begin very early in the morning so we always prefer preparing our backpack the night before to save time in the morning!!  We always add the same items so we do it mechanically – hat, gels, minerals and vitamins (our favorite brand is Active Mineral light from the x-treme stores) and a protein bar for afterwards. A banana and an extra bottle of water is not a bad idea either.IMG_7324

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granola bars

Granola Bars are a popular snack, rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers but can contain a lot of traps as not all bars are healthy!!!! This is why I would love to share our easy/light and no-bake Granola Bar with just 5 ingredients!!! PEANUT BUTTER, OATS HONEY, GROUND ALMONDS and DATES Mix all together – line on greaseproof paper and cut. Enjoy!!


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