mature feelings and mature Loves

What are mature feelings and what is a mature relationship?

Unfortunately, Hollywood, books and our culture tell us what mature love IS, or worse still SHOULD BE!!

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every summer has it’s own story….

When I look back now, summer seemed to have lasted forever & if I had the choice I’d always be there in mind as those were good / carefree days.

memories from Parga, Sivota, Paxi and Antipaxi islands ...

♬ ♪ nostalgia / Yianni

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from greenhorns to running freaks

Our mania started a couple of years ago while on summer holidays we came about an announcement pinned on a tree in the local town square stating that there would be a 5km race for a specific charity.

First thoughts were 5ks, piece of cake; we are on holiday, it will be fun – Let’s participate …. all in …..100%, and for a good cause too!!!

The afternoon of the race, without much thought as to what we were wearing, we gathered in the town square, enrolled and got our bib numbers!!!  Excited and looking around sneakily to see what the competition was like as now we also wanted to win.  The idea of holiday fun turned to pure competitiveness once we saw the trophies and medals lined up!!! Continue reading

preparation the night before a long run

Now that it is getting hotter, long runs normally begin very early in the morning so we always prefer preparing our backpack the night before to save time in the morning!!  We always add the same items so we do it mechanically – hat, gels, minerals and vitamins (our favorite brand is Active Mineral light from the x-treme stores) and a protein bar for afterwards. A banana and an extra bottle of water is not a bad idea either.IMG_7324

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