real motion and run2stars


WEARING : Joanna : tight and top GSA sport – Elena : tight and top GSA sport

Last Saturday we spent an exciting and stimulating part of our afternoon at the premises of Real Motion at 3 Platonos Street – Elliniko – Athens.

After having used GSA clothing and footwear throughout the last couple of months for our training and having seen that their “dry fit” MEANS DRYFIT we decided to look them up!!

Real motion is the company that represents GSA SPORT and has done immense actions to distribute their products within the gyms and fitness centers.

Their array of products is not limited only to GSA and running wear but to a wide range of other athletic areas such as cycling, in and outdoor training/GYM  equipment, weights, etc and with products from internationally renowned companies such as BASI SYSTEMS, REALRYDER, FITNESS STAR, OLIVE-FITNESS, SALTER, ACTIVMOTION, IQNITER CARDIO TRAINING AND PT4 PRO.

Their Vision “is to change the fitness industry for the better by aiming to introduce as many people as possible to a healthier lifestyle.  They are set upon spreading the word that fitness can be fun, with visible results on people’s health and physical condition.  How better than to do this with the vast array of equipment and tools offering indispensable solutions and ideas to all fitness professionals ………..Functional training is their “tool” and their experience is at our service!!!!”

WEARING : Joanna : tight and top GSA sport – Elena : tight and top GSA sport

WEARING : Joanna : tight and top GSA sport


Agistri swimming and running 2017


This weekend is the Agistri Running and Swimming Race 2017 and one of our favorite races on this beautiful tiny green island with its crystal clear waters and golden sands.


What more can one ask for!  An ideal weekend of running and relaxing, just one hour from the Port of Piraeus!

The event is always perfectly organized and well attended because of this.

The people of Agistri are hospitable, making the whole experience magical.

I couldn’t help but post some great pics from our experience last year.



So sorry we couldn’t make it this year ……….. but make a promise for the next one in 2018.

easter weekend and running

Why-Did-The-Easter-Agg-Hide-Cuz-He-Was-A-Little-Chicken-Happy-Easter (1)

Easter at long last – this is a perfect time for a l-o-n-g weekend break.  We are all so tired from the long winter months behind us, with the tiring rains, snow, and not forgetting cold.

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penciling-in upcoming races this spring

Spring is a great time to plan and register for some great races :   5kms -10kms…….and why not……………… a spring marathon!!

We have pencilled-in the following races which we hope to participate in: Continue reading

unforeseen …… yet”in the program”

There is an old Greek proverb that says a second may bring upon more “trouble” than that of a whole year (or something to that effect)!!

Last Thursday, while running, and just when I was admiring the beautiful sunset and thinking how lucky I was to be living in such a blessed part of Athens;  by the sea, fresh air, “wide pavements” – it just took a milisecond for me to land head first into a gutter off one of those “wide pavements”!!! Continue reading



WEARING Elena : tight salomon, hat north face, shoes saucony, watch garmin forerunner 15  /          Joanna: tight asics, hat nike , windbreaker salomon , shoes asics 

I don’t know if its the weather being all grey and drab or just that  it has come to the point again (for this year) that we need to say …..enough….. quote …..unquote, especially after our last blog….”marathon frenzy”.

During the last weeks we are getting a lot of “friends” telling us how “wrong” it is for us to be doing two marathons a year;  reminding us on the impact that this will have on our bodies……….not forgetting to add at the end………and at “your age”!!

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