Black Latte – Is this an option!

Officially come to Greece!  What is this wonder beverage do and should we trust it??

“Apparently” it makes your metabolism work overtime and is the latest slimming drink on the market.

How does Black Latte work?

Black Latte stimulates the metabolism, adds strength and energy thus energizing our digestive system and makes us more  productive, more sociable, creative, and helps us have a better frame of mind!!!   Almost idealistic one would say – imagine losing weight and not deny ourselves of small little pleasures!!

What does Black Latte contain?

Cannot say that there are any “magical ingredients” however, here goes:

  • Active carbon– this stops 80% of the fat from food into accumulating into the body and facilities our bowel movement which is why it is a slimming aid.
  • Coconut milk– famous for its slimming power as it stops our cravings for sweets and snacks. It has a positive effect on the metabolism and self-cleaning of the body. It provides the supply of valuable vitamins and minerals, and is also a source of very valuable MCT fats. Coconut milk provides energy therefore it is a great solution in the diet of physically active people.
  • L-carnitine– is a known and valued fat burner. It turns the metabolism greatly and makes the body use more energy. Thanks to this, it draws from accumulated fat stores and makes kilograms fly down.
  • Omega 3 acids– they have a positive effect on the loss of spare fat, and their adequate consumption reduces the risk of developing diseases, including atherosclerosis or hypertension, which is often faced by overweight people. In slimming, Omega 3 plays an important role as it reducing the diameter of fat cells.

What is the dosage for Black Latte?

Very easy to make – just like you would an instant coffee –  Just mix 2 teaspoons of powder with a cup of hot water. The best time to drink it is for breakfast as it will accelerate your metabolism in the morning and not only, it will work at full speed all day too!!!!

Even though it is made of natural products – our advice is don’t use without consulting your GP first. 


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