Star’s rendevous with Poseidon

The Poseidon Athens Half Marathon is one of our favorite races – even though it is a little longer than a normal half marathon, the route is breathtaking as it goes along the Athens South Riviera coastline.

WEARING Elena: tight ascics, shirt nike, shoes saucony, , shoes saucony triumph iso2  watch garmin forerunner 15, socks mizuno,  sun glasses uvex, running belt fitletic                     Joanna : tight nike, top h&m, shoes sacucony, watch garmin vivofit,                     running belt fitletic

Run2stars were prompt at their rendevous with Poseidon eager to make a personal bet.


Elena ran the quarter marathon as she has just completed her marathon this month and was not allowed to run more – great result in the end as she came second in her age-group, and 16th out of 131 women overall.

I ran the half marathon, being my first race after my knee injury in February and very happy with my results – 1:51:48 and second in my age -group and 20th out of 129 women overall!!

Some people would say that second place is the first place’s loser …… well we don’t agree as second place is a great motivation to come first the next time round.



Thank you Poseidon for being so generous to us on our third date!!!!!



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