tis the season to be jolly


Believing in Christmas makes it magic.

Is it because of the tale of a kind, red-dressed old man who travels the world with a flying reindeer sleigh wanting to spread happiness in every country, in one night, without boundaries, so that on Christmas morning a child wakes up with a smile!

Just listening or reading this tale makes it magical!!!

It’s so OK to make believe and love it – we have  ourselves been guided through the “belief in Santa” process, left him cookies and milk out on Christmas Eve and even sent him a letter via the North Pole Post Office system!!


As we grew older, the Santa “rumour” was laughed about and the whole dreamlike process redone to the next generation.  However the magic can continue and not get outgrown as we get older when we see the effect of human kindness in our community and the power of what a single act can achieve.

These are the gifts that we should be giving this Christmas, the little things that can help create that special sparkle; A smile, a conversation, asking how someone is, buying a cup of coffee for a stranger, a hug, spending time with someone who would appreciate it and…………helping someone who is struggling.

Lets all lend a helping hand and let ……..the magic continue..


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